Get Diggin’ It!

Are you really fed up with the way the world operates and are wondering how on earth you can take action to make a difference? From our plastic food, to adulterated water and toxic air and disappearing countryside, you may well be feeling a bit defeated by now. And I don’t blame you! It’s hard to stay positive. Couple that with the economic pressures of trying to stay well and healthy while the cost of eating good food and keeping a roof over your head are both rising incredibly fast, and you’ll realise that someone has to take some kind of action to change this.

Get Diggin’ It invites you to take part in our social enterprise inspiring people to come together to grow food, get well and healthy, look after our natural world, and to build a vibrant happening community! And the best bit, we do it in other people’s gardens bringing life to the community and making our land work for us. With the fruits of our efforts, we can offer our volunteers some of our amazing fresh veg every week you help out, and with the sale of the rest of our high nutritional locally grown veg, we’ll be able to keep the company active so that you can enjoy our creative, social initiatives from cookery classes and even dance classes, to mindfulness and wellbeing events. If you have skills or expertise, let’s get you involved in offering a class or leading a workshop. Everyone has a role to play in Get Diggin’ It.

Visit Get Diggin’it website.