The Gaia Foundation

The Gaia Foundation

We are a small, feisty organisation with over 30 years experience accompanying partners, communities and movements in Africa, South America, Asia and Europe. Together we work to revive bio-cultural diversity, to regenerate healthy ecosystems and to strengthen community self-governance for climate change resilience. With a base in north London, we work all over the world and apply a holistic approach to addressing the root causes of our converging crises, triggered by the industrial growth society.


Liz Hosken with women smallholder farmers from Kabaale, Uganda, who are reviving their traditional seed diversity through regular community dialogues


Hal Rhoades meets a Kenyan elder at the Earth Jurisprudence Graduation, Kenya, July 2017

Our work includes:

  • Accompanying small-scale, family farmers to enhance their indigenous knowledge and seed varieties in order to safeguard diversity for generations to come and connect with the growing food sovereignty movement.
  • Encouraging communities to reconnect with their ancestral lands and sacred natural sites and thereby to regain confidence in their customary laws and governance systems and connect with each other to defend their sacred lands.
  • Protecting regenerative livelihoods, biodiversity and water systems from the impact of mining and related threats by building solidarity amongst local communities and social movements as they stand up to defend life.

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